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Why We Are Different Than Other Lansing Remodeling Contractors



Throughout the remodeling industry, many contractors are known for intentionally presenting their clients with lower than realistic project quotes.

They do this knowing that midway through the project (since you are now stuck with them) that they can try and force you and insist that you need to increase your budget to finish the project.

As a result  you end up paying thousands of dollars more than you were originally quoted, all because the remodeling contractor did not provide you with a realistic budget upfront.

What We Do Different:  We take time to fully under the scope of your project and your goals so we can provide you with a realistic budget upfront that will get you to the finish line without large, unexpected costs midway through your project.



Too many remodeling contractors promise to finish your project’s construction in a certain timeframe, only for it to end up taking much longer than expected.  Why does this happen so often?

It all comes down to proper planning upfront.  So when it comes time for the construction phase to begin, things can go much smoother and usually get finished faster. Too many remodeling companies do not spend enough time to plan properly unfront, leading to delays and unexpected costs.

What We Do Different:  At Custom Built we are here to change that reality.  Our team of professionals work with you to properly map out the complete project scope in order to make the construction phase more efficient.  The result is you get to enjoy your space sooner, with less stress and less unexpected costs midway through the project.


We hear this pain & frustration all the time when our clients first contact us, and it breaks our heart.

You deserve better! You deserve to enjoy this experience!

Our Promise to You!

As trusted and passionate design & remodeling experts, our goal is to always provide you with the best experience and expertise for your project, from concept to completion. Over the past 15 years, our team of professionals has developed and tested a proven straight forward process that eliminates surprises, guards against headaches, and preserves joy throughout the duration of your project.

If you’re looking for design & construction experts who will guide you through the entire process, offer remarkable service and most importantly finish your project on time and on budget, let’s talk!  We would love to hear from you and about your project.  Contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

Our Proven Process For Project Success

Our proven, 6-step, design, planning and construction process, helps guide you from concept-to-completion, to insure your project’s overall success.




We’d love to hear from you! Fill out our Contact Form or call us at 517-881-9871.

How Can We Help?

We need some important information to determine if your project is a good fit. Please fill out our Project Details Form

What’s Next?

One of our advisors will call to discuss your project, and see if you’d like to schedule an In-Home Design Consultation.



At your In-Home Design Consultation we will:

  • Ask you questions and listen to your needs and desires for your new space
  • Take some basic measurements
  • Provide you with some design and layout suggestions
  • Outline our process
  • Give you a guaranteed price range for the entire project start to finish.
Let’s Go

At this point, if you choose to move forward with Custom Built, we will collect a 10% design deposit and you’ll sign a project development agreement.

* In some cases, a complex design & remodel project will require us to spend some extra time preparing your guaranteed price range and we’ll schedule a follow up meeting.

What’s next?

Before we leave your house, we’ll schedule a time to come back within a week and take detailed measurements and photos for our design team to begin on your conceptual design.



It’s in The Details

We’ll come back to your home and take detailed measurements and photos of your space to begin your conceptual design.

Making Selections?

It can feel overwhelming to make so many selections. You’re not alone! We’ve got you covered.

Get Inspired!

We’ve gathered a collection of inspiration photos for you to browse on our Pinterest page

What’s Next?

We will schedule a time to meet at our showroom in Okemos to review your conceptual design.



A Virtual Tour

This meeting will take place at our Showroom in Okemos. You’ll get to see your new space taking shape! We’ll review your conceptual design, and get your feedback.

Final Selections

It’s time to make remaining selections for your project. Once we have all your selections we can finalize your conceptual design. This will include all your selections including colors, and finishes, and fixtures, etc..

What’s Next?

Next, we will have you come back to the showroom to review your final conceptual design.



We’re Almost There!

With your selections now chosen and in place, we’ll review your Conceptual Design Plan and sign an agreement to move forward with your Construction Plan. We’ll provide you with a guaranteed project total price, and 50% will be due.

The Construction Plan

The development of your Construction plan is exciting! This document outlines all the necessary steps for production, beginning to end. Everything involved in this process is significant and we’re honored to handle it all for you.

What’s Next?

We’ll begin your construction plan. Once it’s ready, we’ll have you stop by the showroom and review it with you.



Here We Go!

Congratulations! At this meeting, we’ll review and sign your Construction Plan Agreement. We’ll outline and discuss some important details about the production phase, and answer any questions you may have.

What’s Next?

Next, we’ll begin to place orders based on your selections. At this point your project is moved into the production phase. We’ll create a schedule and be in touch with you about a start date and timeline.

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