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Jacob Livingston

Project Development Advisor for Custom Built Design & Remodeling.

Jacob brings 20+ years of residential construction experience to the Custom Built team. He has spent years in the field learning the hands-on side of building from foundation prep to roofing shingles. 

With a need-to-know mindset and a desire to understand how things work, Jacob has studied building science, systems integration, home inspection, and radon measurement and mitigation.

He has a passion for people and solving problems. His strong interpersonal skills and desire to help everyone he meets have led him to thrive in a customer-facing role. Jacob is a team player. Creating a collaborative environment is a central component of his role as a project development advisor.

Jacob grew up in Eaton Rapids, MI, and has lived in Indiana, Montana & Washington State. Outside of his time working at Custom Built, he enjoys outdoor activities with his wife and 3 sons, hosting parties, and building speakers.