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At Custom Built, we specialize in designing and building beautiful, well-crafted decks and outdoor livings spaces for families just like yours.

Custom Built has been designing and building amazing backyard decks for over 20 years all across Mid-Michigan.  As a result, we have become the deck contractor of choice for all your outdoor living needs.

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Custom Decks Lansing
Custom Decks Lansing

Composite Decks

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TrexPro® Platinum is the highest level of recognition available for an independent contractor.  TrexPro® Platinum deck builders are the leading TrexPros in their markets, with demonstrated ability and expertise to design and build outdoor living projects with Trex, ranging from the simple to the most complex.

Decks That Will Last You A Lifetime

Quality custom deck building is what our company was founded on and still stands as one of the premier services we offer. Our knowledge of the deck construction and design process allows us to provide unmatched service in this industry. With over 15 years of experience and hundreds of decks under our belt, we have the expertise and skills to create the most intricate, multi-tiered deck systems on the market.

What is Composite Decking Made of?

Trex® composite decking solutions are considered the pinnacle of modern deck construction. The decking is made from a combination of reclaimed wood and plastic. As a result. its durability and weatherproof qualities make it the preferred choice when building a quality custom deck.

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Is Trex® the Right Material for Your Deck?

Until the last 25 years, decks were made of wood. In Michigan, however, the weather — heat and humidity, frigid cold and snow, freeze and thaw — brought about the need for a lot of maintenance to keep a deck in good and safe shape. Even with all the necessary painting, sealing, staining, and power washing, wooden decks in Michigan remain subject to fading, splintering, rotting, swelling/warping, mold, mildew, and insects. And in the summer when you need it most, a deck can be blistering hot.

Traditional Wood Vs. Trex® – 25 Year Limited Warranty

Trex® composite decking was created in 1996 and addressed all of the above problems associated with wooden decks, as well as associated environmental concerns. Trex® is manufactured from recycled wood (reclaimed sawdust that would have been landfilled) and recycled plastic film (bags, wrappings, etc.). The result is a composite deck material that is 95 percent recycled and has earned many U.S. Green Building Council environmental awards.

No Staining Required – Multiple Color Options

As a Trex PRO Platinum Deck Builder, we love to draft and design using their long-lasting composite decking, but we do still offer all traditional wood options. We will provide you with guidance on what type of materials would work best for your design, budget, and needs.

Choosing the Right Deck Design

Decks are great for so many activities and events, but to ensure you can get the most from your deck design, it’s smart to develop all the possibilities. For example, if you were building a home, you would consider features like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchen layout, family and living room preferences, and so on.

The same is true for your deck. Even though it won’t be divided into rooms like a home, visualizing how different areas of the deck will be used will help define size, layout, and more.

Among the many possible considerations are:

  • Traffic flow from the house and other entrances/exits.
  • Accessibility.
  • Grill/kitchen/bar space.
  • Sitting/dining space.
  • Group lounging areas.
  • Secluded space.
  • Shaded space.
  • Built-ins (firepits, hot tubs, planters, etc.).
Custom Decks Lansing
Poolside and Hot Tub Decks
Poolside and Hot Tub Decks

Which Type of Deck is Right for You?

Decks come in all sizes, shapes, and levels and are as diverse as the homes they enhance. In particular, multi-level decks have become more common, but are especially well-suited for two-story homes and/or lots with varied elevations. Depending on the possibilities provided by your home and lot, you can choose:

Ground-Level Decks (or platform decks) have one main level with other levels defined by steps. These decks are near grade but can be designed to accommodate many different uses and home styles. Decks near grade can also easily be made accessible for the disabled and may not require railings to meet building safety codes.

Multi-level decks are a combination of any or all of the above and are especially useful when accessibility is necessary, and when features like pools, hot tubs and fire pits are part of the plan. It is important to note that all decks must meet local building codes so hiring a reputable contractor is key to success and safety.

Raised Decks are recommended for homes with above-grade first floors like those with walkout basements. These decks are built on foundation posts and will have space underneath that is either:

  • Limited and can be concealed, used for storage or landscaped.
  • Tall enough to provide useable living space.

Second-Story Decks work well on homes with backyards that slope away from the foundation, but they can be designed to accommodate just about any home style or lot. They can also be combined with ground-level decks and/or patios, built-ins, and landscaping to create your perfect outdoor paradise.

Curved, straight or both? While many of your deck style and design decisions will be based on practical needs, the “look” of your deck offers more flexibility. One of the most visually exciting possibilities is to incorporate curves into your design. This requires the use of building materials that are bent to exact measurements and are often accompanied by railing that is also curved to create a fluid and flowing look. Curved decks complement homes with rounded rooms or porches, but they can also add natural beauty to homes of many other styles. Curves can be added to one or many areas to get the look you envision.

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