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Michael’s love of building dates back to his childhood. At the tender age of 12, he and his brother, Chris, built their first deck – the first of literally hundreds of building projects he has overseen since then. Born and raised in Michigan, Michael, co-owner of Custom Built, is a self-proclaimed adventurer and risk taker. Couple those characteristics with the endless energy of an entrepreneur, and you’ve got the owner of one of Michigan’s highest quality deck, basement and home improvement businesses – Custom Built Basements and Decks.

A business owner since 2001, Michael’s first venture was as co-founder of Rockbuilt Construction, which grew to become the largest college loft-bed construction business in the Midwest. After selling Rockbuilt in 2004, he founded Custom Built Decks which merged two years later with brother Chris’ company, Finished Basements International, to become Custom Built Basements and Decks.

Michael’s commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and excellent service is bolstered by his knowledge of business. Trained and graduated by the E-myth Mastery entrepreneurial program, Michael is a true entrepreneur who exemplifies the seven E-Myth disciplines of a business leader: enterprise, marketing, financial, management, client fulfillment, lead conversion and lead generation.

He continues to pursue his passion for business and personal development through life-long education. Michael serves on the board of the Greater Lansing Home Builders Association and is an active member of Lansing Trinity Church. He has embarked on eight humanitarian and evangelical missions worldwide. Family, the great outdoors, hockey and soccer are among his many interests.

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