Kitchen Cabinets in Lansing

Planning for a kitchen remodeling project means you’ll be choosing many things like kitchen cabinets for your Lansing, Michigan Home. Your cabinetry choices are just one decision you’ll need to make among many when making plans for your project.

In designing for particular areas, it’s always the best option to begin at the beginning and work out from there. The cabinets in your new kitchen are a great place to start since they are one of the major features in the room. You’ll have many more choices to make, such as flooring, wall color and texture, countertops, and more.

If you don’t plan to remodel your whole kitchen, then consider changing out the cabinetry to make one of the largest impacts you can make. The cabinetry, flooring, and countertops are prime areas for home improvement without completely remodeling your kitchen.

When you choose cabinetry, you’ll need to take several things into consideration. You’ll want to consider the following for sure:

  • Manufacturer
  • Style
  • Function
  • Finish
  • Placement

Sometimes the quality of the product depends on the manufacturer, so you always want to be sure the manufacturer has a solid reputation of producing good quality products. If not, you may find yourself looking at having to replace it down the line.

For instance, a certain brand of bathroom faucet may be less expensive, but the quality can be so bad that it only lasts a couple of years at most. Finding the right manufacturer that consistently produces good quality is worth the slightly higher cost upfront. Cabinetry can be very much the same. You want good, solid construction that you won’t have problems with down the line.

The style of your cabinets is important in your kitchen design. You’ll want to be sure that your kitchen is going to either set the tone for a new design in your home or continues on with the current design. Your home probably has a certain architectural style to it that can be enhanced. We can help you enhance the architecture of your home…there are many ways to do so such as adding the right molding, hardware, and more to your cabinetry.

Your cabinets need to fit your function and customizing them will help accomplish this There are many options available in shelf heights, number of shelves, whether they slide out or pull out or fold out, turn-tables for easy access to spices, and more. Your space should be very functional and customizing the shelving will get you there.

The finish choices will make a huge difference in how your cabinets look. You’ll need to consider things like stain colors, whether or not you want them antiqued, whether you would like a few cabinets with glass insets, and more.

Cabinet placement is one of the more important decisions and should be included in your plan. You’ll want to be sure they are placed in the right areas that give you the most when you work in your kitchen. For instance, you don’t want to have to store dishes on the opposite side of the kitchen to your dishwasher, and the same with spices and utensils being too far away from the stove where you cook.

The proper placement of the cabinetry is important in your plans because you need to be able to function well there. And customizing your kitchen area couldn’t be more important.

With Custom Built Design & Remodeling, you’ll have expert guidance on all your decisions for your kitchen cabinets. Just give us a call and we’ll help you choose and install your new kitchen cabinets.

Cabinetry Manufacturers

We work with dozens of cabinetry manufacturers around the U.S. and we allow nothing to get in the way of your dream cabinetry. We will go to any length to find the wood, the color and the style that you desire in your cabinets. See a list of the cabinet manufacturers that we regularly work with.

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