Lansing Window Replacement & Door Installation

From grand bay windows to picture windows that maximize your view of the beautiful landscape just outside your door, having new windows installed as part of your home improvement investment can increase both the value and energy savings of your property. At Custom Built our Lansing window replacement and door installation specialists can help you select the perfect windows and doors that will improve the look, feel, and energy efficiency of your home.

Lansing Window Replacement, Windows, Custom Built Design & Remodeling

Today’s energy-efficient windows not only provide a much better view of the outside world but also incredible energy savings. By eliminating air leaks with better construction, the replacement windows we install for our clients make it so they don’t have to run their heating or air conditioning equipment nearly as often, saving a lot of money over the year in energy costs. When it comes to home improvement projects, window replacement is really the way to go in terms of cost-effective remodeling investments.

Want to give your home an extra “pop” of style? If the majority of your home’s exterior is painted in neutral tones, consider having a red or other brightly colored entry door installed. This type of door replacement can provide your home with just the right amount of color without overwhelming the overall design. From standard interior doors to elegantly designed wood doors for the entry of your home, we have access to a wide selection of doors that come in a variety of colors and styles sure to suit any preference. Call your Lansing remodeling contractor at Custom Built today to learn more about our doors and windows.

Lansing Window Replacement, Windows, Custom Built Design & Remodeling
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