Stockbridge, MI Home Remodeling Options For Your Kitchen, Bathroom, and More

After time, your Stockbridge home can become a little dull if you’ve spent years living in it. The surfaces start to loose their finish and things can generally get in a state of disrepair. If your beautiful home has seen some wear and tear through the years, it’s time to think about having some home remodeling performed.

Restorations will take your dull materials and either restore or replace them where necessary or wherever you’d like. Remodeling can also be done when you’d like to make even bigger changes to your home. Stockbridge homeowner know they can trust our remodeling team at Custom Built Design & Remodeling for all their home remodeling needs. We would love the opportunity to show you why!

Kitchen Remodeling in Stockbridge, MI

Changing your kitchen space can make it much more function for you. For instance, updating the lighting alone can give you better light to see by and can add a decorative element you’re currently missing in your kitchen space. Most kitchens were built with the minimum lighting requirements in mind, so just about any way you get better lighting will improve your functional needs.

Stockbridge Home Remodeling, Stockbridge Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling, Custom Built Design & Remodeling

New kitchen flooring will make a huge impact if you change it out. If you have hardwood flooring, many times it can be restored to it’s original beauty yet hold all the beautiful marking and surface faults you and your family have made over the years as you’ve spent your lives together. New flooring or restored hardwood flooring will brighten your kitchen and make it beautiful once again.

Stockbridge Home Remodeling, Stockbridge Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling, Custom Built Design & Remodeling

Stockbridge, MI Bathroom Remodeling

When you remodel your bathroom in Stockbridge, think luxury options. There are so many ways to make your bathroom the luxurious space you dream of. From options like bamboo flooring, heated flooring, heated towel bars, double showers, waterfall bathtubs, skylights, panoramic view fixed windows, and more, you’ll get whatever you want from our design and build bathroom remodeling team at Custom Built Design & Remodeling.

Stockbridge, MI Home Remodeling

If there’s something you want to change about your Stockbridge home, give our design team a call. We start with a consultation that helps you bring about a beautiful design you’ll love. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what decisions to make for a design because we have a lot of ideas up our sleeve! We’ll listed to all you desire and help you get the right fixtures, flooring, countertops, cabinetry and more that will look beautiful in your home!

Stockbridge Home Remodeling, Stockbridge Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling, Custom Built Design & Remodeling

Our home remodeling process is easy on our customers because we do our best to take care of everything for them. When you choose us, we take care of your permitting, code compliance, inspections, and can assist you with your insurance claims process. So whether you’re making repairs from a damaging storm or want to change up your home for the aesthetic pleasure, our experts at Custom Built Design & Remodeling have you covered every step of the way!

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